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Telephone Handset Recording Adapter

Telephone Handset Recording Adapter (THRA) is an advanced handset recording adapter for connection in between the handset coil cord and the base of a wide variety of digital/IP phones.  In technical essence THRA outputs the same audio the user hears on the handset, which means the right mix of the user's voice and the off-premise caller's voice, it assures the call recordings sound great.  Because THRA includes an infrared sensor that is capable to detect the handset position change from sitting on cradle to being lifted up or vis-a-vis, it enables the voice logger to implement recording start/stop by line voltage detect, which relieves the potential for noise recordings.

Some VoIP phones don't provide side-tone, which means you can't hear your own voice in your ear when you're speaking.  On those types of VoIP phones, THRA can still allow the call recorder to record both outside and inside callers.

THRA device model number is TA-100R, which is fully compatible with DCRS-9900 (analog interface), DCRS-8000 (analog interface), BRS-5003, BRS-800, and TCR-2000*.

* TCR-2000 supports direction connection with the handset of a digital/VoIP phone. It requires TA-100R only on the situation that the user wants recording start/stop by line voltage detect for relieving the potential of noise recordings.

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