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Sound Volume Optimizer (RecHUB)

RecHUB is call recorder's peripheral hardware particularly designed for optimizing the volume of audio signals over telephone line dynamically without the need of using batteries or an external power supply.  RecHUB is added in between a phone line, so it can optimize weak signals individually with the powerful AGC algorithm and deliver resulting audio signals at a consistent level to a call recorder.  In business practice RecHUB is used to help call recorders to provide reliable sound volume and clarity.

Why do call recorders require RecHUB?  In theory audio signals weaken along with the increase on the distances and network switches they travel thru.  Whereas a call recorder taps the phone line that carries mix of audio signals constantly from each side of the line, it can't filter weak signals out from the mix and amplify before performing digitization.  Though the call recorder can apply AGC (Automatic Gain Control) as a solution, but it has no guarantee that the AGC will do well with all weak signals, especially those beyond the gain control range.

Why do phones provide reliable sound volume and clarity? Phones are connected on each side of a phone line. The port that connects phones and lines is the only location that protentially has weak signals. Thus, phones have the immediate access to amplify the audio signals to a consistent volume level before transporting them from the port to the handset for the local caller.

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