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Microphone Recording Pod MRD


Microphone Recording Pod (MRD) is the Multisuns exclusively developed microphone pod for allowing call loggers to record office desktop person talking, room and surrounding sounds in indoor area.

MRD features a cardioid pickup pattern that allows the microphone to be aimed at the desired area of coverage and reject sounds coming from the sides and rear to minimize the potential for surrounding noises.  Thus, MRD can focus on person talking, not background noise, assuring that all voices for delivery to the call logger are crystal clear.

MRD is suitable for mounting in counters, hallways or any other desirable indoor space at custom clearance halls, banks, hospitals and any a mission specific organizations.

Security cameras are in use in many facilities today to thwart trouble, but few record the complete actual event as it unfolds.  Applying MRD with security cameras can reveal additional insight to an event.

MRD device model number is MRD-01, which fits EULS-3000 (analog interface), EULS-3000S (analog interface), DCRS-9900 (analog interface), DCRS-8000 (analog interface), BRS-5003, BRS-800, and TCR-2000. If MRD-01 is connected to DCRS-9900 or DCRS-8000, live monitoring can be conducted behind closed doors.

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