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The Power of DCRS Call Recorder

DCRS call recorder is a non-intrusive call and voice recording and logging system that continues to progress with computer telephony technology by the continued R&D development and hands-on experience, and to progress internationally with overseas strategy partners by providing users a high level of service and commitment.  It has been at work in digital communication recording system markets as varied as finance, transportation, public safety, customer care, sales force automation and healthcare since the industry started to give away the bulky reel-to-reel audio tape recording technology.  Everyday DCRS call recorders record millions of telephone calls and 2-way radio communications for thousands of clients around the world.

Every DCRS call recorder unit, which is usually abbreviated to DCRS, is a complete multi-function call recording and logging unit.  It features a wide range of flexibility on call recording, voice logging and live monitoring of phone calls and 2-way radio, playing back of recordings and the archiving of recorded data.


DCRS Technology on VoIP Recording

As phone call has evolved to converge with IP, DCRS call recorder has also grown to accommodate this new telephone application across many sectors and geographies. The technique to implement VoIP call is very different from that is used on traditional telephony and more important is that DCRS voice logger takes advantage of the latest VoIP technology. By monitoring the SPAN (Switch Port Analyzer) port on computer network directly and filtering voice and call-related data packets out from the IP stream, DCRS voice logger records VoIP calls without the need for additional CTI integration.


DCRS Call Recorder Models

All DCRS voice loggers make use of industrial-grade single board computer for housing the Microsoft Windows and database platform, high-performance DSP boards and Multisuns in-house engineered software application. When this single board computer is formed by a 19 " rack-mount chassis it is given with the model number DCRS-9900 whereas it is formed by a compact desktop chassis it is given with the model number DCRS-8000.


Typical Group of Users

Both DCRS-9900 and DCRS-8000 voice loggers are excellent for use in the financial service company, public safety, defense, transportation and call centers. Typical groups of the users are as follows:


  • Financial planners
  • Investment advisors
  • Estate planners
  • Attorneys
  • Call center agents
  • County or small city police stations
  • Firefighter regional station
  • Traffic control room
  • Border troops
  • Homeland security agencies
  • Home based businesses


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