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EasyLog Web+ BRS-800 / 5003 Overview

EasyLog Web+ is the Multisuns exclusively engineered multi-channel voice logger that continues to progress with computer and telephony technologies. EasyLog Web+ has been at work in the multi-channel digital communication recording markets as varied as finance, transportation, public safety, customer care, sales force automation and healthcare since year 2001. Everyday EasyLog Web+ voice recorder records thousands of telephone calls and 2-way radio communications.


Features and Markets

EasyLog Web+ employs the power of the Multisuns reengineered Linux, other than distribution Linux (e.g. Fedora Core or Mandrake).  EasyLog Web+ further employs revolutionary voice archiving architecture that enhances flexibility of search. EasyLog Web+ is designed for providing businesses the highest efficiency, stability and ROI (Return On Investment).

EasyLog Web+ provides true web based support, allowing users to know status of channels, play back calls and configure the system via Internet Explorer, FireFox or other browser running on any remotely connected PC without the need of installing additional software in advance.

EasyLog Web+ voice logger is made of industrial-grade single board computer and is suitable to work 24 hours 365 days a year under the condition of no monitor, keyboard and mouse. EasyLog Web+ is ideal for businesses that have limited budget but require for verification, quality, training, or compliance applications.


Models Available

EasyLog Web+ has two call recorder models, BRS-5003 and BRS-800.  The two models have no difference on feature and functionality, but have difference on channel capacity and PC hardware.



Enterprises may be in need of call recording in a number of different situations:


  • When calls represent valuable agreements.
  • When the quality of telephone interactions must be monitored.
  • When security issues need to be considered.

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