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Abundant Interface Capability

  • Record telephone analog trunk and PBX extension, two-way radio channel and microphone (MRD microphone required)
  • True web browser interface, eliminating the expense of client software license fees
  • Unlimited user access via local computer network and the Internet (requiring the system to run on an external IP address)



On-line storage for 35000 hours approx. (based on HDD 500 GB ADPCM 32kbps)


Feature-rich Recording & Interface Ideal for SMB

  • Recording activated by VOX or on/off hook detection
  • Date/time, Caller ID and outgoing call number stored
  • Channels being in standby/recording or being idle overtime displayed
  • Recording space left on storage media (on-line and off-line) displayed
  • Calls stored on the local hard disk and automatically transferred to archive media in pre-set time interval
  • Upon storage space low only "unimportant" aged calls erased; "important" aged calls saved permanent


Intelligent Search and Play

  • Friendly interface plus multiple search options allowing easy retrieval of wanted calls out from thousands stored on local hard drive, external USB hard drive or a shared disk
  • Calls searchable by any combination of account name, date/time, caller ID and dialed number
  • Calls playable via the sound player of web browser
  • Calls converted to WAV and stored in user's PC


Security Feature Integrated

  • Login authentication by user ID and password
  • Free to add/delete users and change password


System Diagnostics and Alert Included

  • Warning message auto delivered to system administrator via email upon storage space low, record over-time and idle over-time
  • NTP time synchronization supported

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