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VL2000 Product Overview

The VL2000 is built on a foundation of cutting-edge recording cards and a Windows operating platform, and is designed with a client/server open architecture to create a robust and reliable multi-channel telephone recording system for the next generation.


Constituent Elements

The VL2000 boasts a scalable recording channel capacity, starting from 8 channels and expandable to thousands. Recording is stored in a file format on hard drives or backed up on NAS devices. The total storage capacity of each host machine is flexible, starting from 10,000 hours and expandable to over 400,000 hours, ensuring long-term, uninterrupted recording capabilities.


Management and Analysis

The VL2000 sets itself apart from typical digital recording systems, as it offers not just recording capabilities, but also a comprehensive and effective communication data management solution. This empowers administrators to stay on top of critical information in real-time and provides analytical data to support informed decision making.


Powerful integration

In addition, VL2000 has a variety of integration interfaces that can interface with customer service systems, SMDR billing, speech recognition, and more to meet the customer's multi-faceted system integration needs.


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