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Multiple operating modes

Experience advanced recording management and search interfaces with our Windows-based and Web-based options. Enjoy visual monitoring and intuitive operations, with a clear understanding of system status at a glance.


High integration support

Our system supports recording of analog lines, SIP Trunks, T1/E1 lines, digital extension lines of major PBX brands, and IP extension lines with high impedance. Recordings are made without affecting the conversation and we also support Avaya DMCC and Deltapath recording.


Open architecture

Our system adopts a Client/Server architecture, with the server providing a stable and reliable recording solution that can be easily expanded. The client is responsible for monitoring and managing tasks, as well as playing recordings. The system operates seamlessly without affecting recording and playback capabilities.


Elastic expansion

Each recording server has a maximum capacity of 240 TDM channels and 500 IP channels. Our system is scalable, allowing for the expansion of recording servers and managed through the same client interface.


Various playback channels

Our system allows for recordings to be played and accessed from the local machine, client interface, or through the web.


Live monitoring

Our system offers real-time monitoring capabilities, both locally and remotely


User Management

Efficient user grouping (departmental) management.


Advanced Search Capabilitie

Unlock the Power of Search with Our Advanced Recording System, Allowing you to Effortlessly Find and Retrieve Recordings Based on Call Timestamp, Inbound/Outbound Calls, Caller/Dialed Number, Channel, User Name, Group, Notes, and Keywords.


Fully functional playback

Experience seamless playback of recordings with the ability to visualize sound waves, adjust volume and playback speed with software controls. Effortlessly navigate through recordings with features such as skipping to the next or previous recording, forwarding, rewinding, pausing, stopping playback, playing specific intervals, and looping.


Recording Scheduling

Flexible Recording Scheduling - Set your recording schedule in 30-minute intervals, determine whether recording is enabled during each time slot, and even manually trigger recording from your user-end phone control. All recordings will be immediately saved for future reference.


Multiple Backup Media

Flexible Backup Options: Choose from HDD, NAS, Cloud Drive and more.


Call Statistic

Customizable statistics based on selected dates for groups and individuals. Includes hourly call statistics, call volume statistics, call details statistics (such as call time and number of calls), popular outgoing numbers, and incoming call statistics. Can be exported to a CSV or Excel file for further processing.


Fault Notification

Unusual event logging with display on the screen, with external alarm activation, email reporting, SMS alert, and more.


Remote Maintenance Capability

Remote Maintenance Enabled with Client Approval.



Ensure secure management and configuration with authentication via authorized password prior to executing system administration tasks.


Recording formats

Recording format: ADPCM, PCM, GSM, MP3 and more.


Redundant Backup System

Elevate your security requirements with the option of selecting a High Availability (HA) or Redundancy System for added peace of mind.


Recording Trigger mode

Voice Activation, On/Off Hook Telephone Pickup, Analog Voltage Detection, Digital Extension D-Channel, External Commands, and Customizable Continuous Recording Length.


Recording download

Account-based file compression and download capabilities, allowing for single or batch compression of recording files within the account's defined permissions, with optional password protection for compression.


SMDR Integration

SMDR/Billing Port integration.


Voice Recognition

Speech-to-Text (using Google Recognition, requires internet connection)


Collaborative monitoring

OEM Integrated Monitoring System.


Login mode

LDAP and Single Sign-On login integration.


Support Encrypted verification

Supports AES 256 encryption for recording files, MD5 verification to prevent tampering, and SNMP support.


System security

System Vulnerability Scanning and Patch Update Service.

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