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Fast Digitization and High Compression:

CPU and DSP built-in



Desktop and web-based


Audio Inputs:

Direct connection with analog phone line, or handset of digital/IP phone



8, expandable to a hundred or more by grouping several units


Voice Announcements:

Auto playable or telephone owner’s controlled playback (optional)


Remote Maintenance:

Configuration and troubleshooting are remotely accessible.


Multisuns EULS-CA Integration:

TCR-3000 CA can integrate with EULS-CA .


Call Records and Audios:

Besides using memory card, they can be centralized in remote storage device.


Audio File Safety:

Digitalized audios can be AES 256bit encrypted.


Search Criteria and Conditions:

Date-time, Machine ID, username, extension, call duration, inbound/outbound, department, and ....


Broken Line:

Auto detection and email alerts.





Firmware Upgrade:

Quick and easy


Record Triggers:

Hook, VOX, DTMF, API, Schedule



Telephone owners can add “Importance” or “Save” tag during recording.


User Access Controls:

Users and user-groups, and privileges are user-programmable.


Error Alert:

By email or via customized GUI


Integration with PBX thru SMDR:

Many PBXs supported.


Ring-no-answer Calls:

ALL or only having Caller


Group Settings:

Export and import, and cross- computer copy and paste


Date-Time Sync:

SNTP support

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