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  • Sockets for direct connection with analog line or digital/IP telephone handset cord for recording calls
  • Built-in microphone for recording of meeting room or office-desk persons talking
  • 2L x 12C LCD screen with backlight for display of important information, such as Caller ID, dialing number
  • 16 buttons for input of 0-9, a-z, A-Z and controls of right, left, up, down, Enter and Esc
  • Earphone jack for listening of recordings / live calls
  • Line / handset / earphone jack collectively for delivery of prerecorded statements (optional TD-100 required)


Record and Storage

  • Secure digital technology storing 11,000 hours of conversation recording with a 64GB SD/SDHC/SDXC UHS-I card (170H / 1GB)
  • Call recording activated by voice, loop voltage detect, manned operation, schedule
  • Only "important" call recorded (manned operation required)
  • Caller ID, digits dialed, date/time, Case ID, Comment and Value stored
  • "Important" tag assignable (for permanent storage of essential recording)
  • Manually delete recording allowable or unallowable
  • Missed call log (digital phone not supported)


Voice Playback

  • Recordings or live calls played via built-in speaker or external earphone
  • Last call played instantly
  • Jump to bookmark and play
  • Calls searchable by 3 different speeds
  • Only the calls having Importance tag played
  • Play from search result window


Security Features

  • 3 levels of access restrictions by making use of password
  • Password protection with disable/enable option
  • Auto logout feature
  • Recording encryption with disable/enable option
  • Encryption using AES 256 bit
  • MD5 128 bit checksum for digital fingerprinting


System Function and Alert Capability

  • System setup for export to memory card
  • System configured by memory card
  • Mains adapter or battery powered (for mobility purpose)
  • System software user-upgradable
  • Battery low alert
  • Memory card space-low and write-protection alert


Computer Support

  • Built-in USB 2.0 port for direct computer connection
  • Supplied with a free software for search, playback, management, email and conversion from PC
  • Recordings centralization via computer network (optional)
  • Recordings centralized by EULS Central Archiving (optional)

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