Multisuns Conference Bridge

What is teleconferencing?

Teleconferencing is a telephone call between more than two participants. The simplest form of teleconferencing is using three-way calling to setup your own teleconference between yourself and two other participants.

Advanced PBXs today can set up conference calls between more than three participants. But the PBXs can't set up the conference calls by themselves, they need helps of an operator. Enterprises therefore favor audio teleconference bridge, the device that can allow participants to call to attend a teleconference meeting from anywhere and at anytime without the help of else persons.

Which is better, purchase or lease?

When choosing teleconferencing solutions, some enterprises prefer to purchase and maintain their own system, some prefer to lease a teleconferencing service from a third party provider. Why should your company purchase an audio conference bridge?  Look into the Multisuns audio conference bridge CL-800 v2 and Discuss II to find out the benefits these items can bring to you.

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