What Is BRS-5003?


BRS-5003 is budgetary multi-channel voice logger in non-intrusive parallel-connected design for fulfillment of safety requirement on telecom line connection and is based on industrial grade single board 6-slot computer and Multisuns reengineered Linux, self-developed DSP (Digital Signal Processing) board and software for optimizing the total cost of ownership.

One BRS-5003 call recorder starts from 8 channels, expandable to 32 channels simply by adding extra recording boards. Each unit of BRS-5003 takes full advantage of today's hard drive technology, storing calls on a local hard drive and, if desired, it can automatically archive calls from local hard drive to an USB hard drive or a shared disk as off-line data. It gives businesses the highest ROI (Return On Investment).

The Highest Performance and Lowest Maintenance

Operation system (Linux) and call recording software are tiny in size, enhancing system performance. Besides, this characteristic gives users the option of choosing a small memory card to run the system and a big hard disk to store calls, so hard disk changeover or maintenance can be done in a few minutes.

Multiple Languages Support

BRS-5003 voice logger provides multiple language support. The web page interface is available in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Thai and Dutch (9 different languages). When users are connecting BRS-5003 via a web browser, they are given the access to pick the language of their favorite.

Enterprises may be in need of call recording in a number of different situations:
  • When calls represent valuable agreements.
  • When the quality of telephone interactions must be monitored.
  • When security issues need to be considered.

BRS-5003 voice logger is an excellent choice under following considerations:

  • Budgeted price
  • Analog only
  • Archive media
  • LAN/WAN/Internet operation
  • Quality, reliability and flexibility
  • Capacity and expandability
  • Search and replay
  • Security and integration
  • Service and support
BRS-5003 can help assure to:
  • Manage risk and meet regulatory standards
  • Reduce staff turnover and increase brand recognition
  • Yield additional revenue from finite customer base (while lowering costs)
  • Upsell/cross-sell successfully

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