DCRS-9900 Key Features

DCRS-9900 Voice Logger Key Features

Professional 24-hour Unattended Voice Logging for Phone and Radio
DCRS-9900 voice logger is the compact, reliable and entirely self-contained solution for recording, archiving, searching and replaying important phone and/or radio communications.

Record All Standard Telephony Interfaces and Radio
Record from any audio source received from Central Office, PBX extension, VoIP, Skype, 2-way / broadcast radio, intercom, microphone and more.

Fully Scalable Voice Logging Server System
Each DCRS-9900 voice logging unit can be a mixed analog, digital, VoIP and radio recording solution with maximum of 256 channels.  If the unit capacity is not fully occupied, number of channel can be increased simply by adding extra recording cards.

Channel-Definable Recording
Record start and stop (depending on your telephony interface) can be by voltage detection, VOX detection, 24hr continuous, D-channel rule based recording, and record-on-demand (software or DTMF code control).

Abundant and Eye-catching Channel Information
The status of all available channels including idle, voice recording in progress, voice recording duration, idle overtime and record overtime can be identified in a blink.

High Capacity On-line Storage and Flexible Archive

The system stores up to thousands of hours of calls on local RAID-1 HDD. It also automatically archives calls at pre-set intervals to inexpensive DVD disc, DAT tape, disk array, or via your network to a NAS or other networked hard drive.

User Rights and Groups User-Definable
User profiles and access permissions are supported. Each DCRS-9900 voice logger allows the administrator to add a new user, to delete a user, to assign users to a group, or to configure user right using templates.  Each user has its own profile enabling the administrator to set up access permissions in per user basic, e.g. only own calls, or calls of specific channels or groups.

Readily Available Live Call Monitoring and Replay Access
Monitoring ongoing conversation in live with simple operation on system console is a standard feature of DCRS-9900. Searching and replaying archives from local on-line storage device, local backup storage device and remote backup device are standard features too. In addition, all these operations can be archived via DCRS Client – the Windows PC software available for installation on as many user's desktop/notebook PCs as required.

Intelligent Voice Archive Locator and Player
Voice archives can be searched with multiple search options including date, time, duration, channel, agent, caller ID, DNIS, dialer number, call index number and they can be played in per channel basis, or up to 8-channel selection, via multimedia speaker or earphones.

Voice Replay and System Configuration Are Simple and Easy
The "Play" menu allows channel users and the administrator to enjoy supported sound reproduction functions at any time needed and the "System" and "DVD/DAT" menus allow the administrator to administrate the system quickly and comfortably. Playback controls include play, pause, stop, fast-forward, fast-backward, partial loop play, and more.

Selective Auto Deleting
Calls (speech audio) and calls-related information (database data) can be automatically deleted basing on retention period or free space threshold of on-line storage. Important calls can be marked for permanent storage.  Calls and calls-related information are administered individually so calls-related information are kept even if calls were already deleted from on-line storage device.

Call Statistic
Statistics feature allows users for viewing of data for analysis and exportable to Excel format (optional).

Reliable and Fault Tolerant
DCRS-9900 makes use of top-notch industrial-grade PC, offering superior reliability. Hot-swap dual power supply, cooling fan and RAID-1 hard disk may be optioned, to provide an additional safeguard against unexpected events.

Web Browser-based and Windows-based PC Client Supported
Live call monitor, search and replay functions may be performed from convenience of the DCRS Web Browser-based Client running thru Internet Explorer or the Windows-based DCRS Client running under Windows 2K/XP. Copying and converting call recordings to .mp3 or .wav formats are also readily available. For system safety, system configuration and advanced user function are performed only from the Windows-based DCRS Client.

CTI Integration
The Multisuns exclusively developed "Open Architecture Programming Interface" (OAPI) software package is available, allowing system integrators to easily and quickly integrate DCRS to the user's PBX or CRM system.

Full Compatibility with Database Center and Central Archiving

With the flexibility of integrating with Database Center and Central Archiving, DCRS-9900 is ideal for the enterprises and government departments who have multiple branches in satellite locations seeking to centralize administration.

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