What Is Database Center?

What is DCRS Database Center?

Database Center (DB Center) aims at the DCRS software-based solution package that dynamically brings new call-related information out from multiple networked DCRS call recorders and then stores these records on to a master database hosted in a dedicated PC named BestLink.

No Network Obstruction

Companies having satellite or remote branches usually have the needs to centralize call archives on to their headquarters. Long-distance network bandwidth costs real money, these companies are always concerned with the bandwidth consumption. Database Center employs a smart approach on collecting data from remote DCRS call recorders, so it cuts the network bandwidth consumption down to the minimum. Database Center never obstructs enterprise's computer network.


Database Center allows nation-wide administrators to use the SClient to find and replay their wanted call recordings that may spread over many different remote DCRS call recorders with just a few clicks from their own PC. Besides, Database Center realizes call-related information offsite backup assuring integrity and safety of enterprise-wide data with no addtional cost.

Database Center versus BestLink

The BestLink doesn't necessarily support only Database Center. It can be an umbrella type of server running various DCRS software-based solution packages, such as DCRS Web, Audit Trail Center, Error Message Center, and OAPI.  Same as DCRS-9900, BestLink is built by a 19" rack-mounted industrial-grade single board computer.

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