What Is EULS-3000?

A Mixed Environment Recording System in One Box

Same as DCRS series, EULS-3000 channels can be flexibly configured to support all common telephony interfaces, including:

  • Analog trunks
  • Analog PBX extensions
  • Proprietary PBX digital extensions
  • Centrex
  • ISDN T1/E1 PRI
  • IP telephony
  • 2-way radio
  • Radio broadcasting
  • VoIP
  • Skype

A single box of EULS-3000 is capable to monitor and capature a range of VoIP, TDM, analog and radio communications, with the option of centralizing voice and call data to a master stroage device in order to consolidate the requirements from nation-wide multi-site organizations. In addition, it has the ability to deliver a flexible and future-proof solution with multi-protocol integration for fulfilling the needs from increasing number of private and public sector organizations.

System Architecture

Multisuns EULS-3000 voice logger is based on Microsoft Windows, industry-standard PC hardware and Multisuns specifically engineered call recording software, enabling the call recording function to be easily configured to customers' specific requirements. Each EULS-3000 voice logger starts from 8 channels and is expandable up to 256 channels. Multiple servers are free to group and network together, forming a system that ranges from a few hundreds up to several thousands of channels. The recording server further embraces maximum storage flexibility which voice recordings are stored in redundant hard drives (RAID-1) on-line and then automatically archived to removable HDD, NAS (Network-Attached Storage) as off-line data, and can be centralized to a central archiving storage server in remote location.

How Does EULS-3000 Work and Support?

EULS-3000 is an unattended and around the clock recording server. It starts and stops recording by detecting the phone line status or the line's D-channel information. It manages the recordings stored in hard disk according to hard disk free space threshold or recording retention period. It provides users an access to search recordings with the criteria including date, time, duration, channel, agent, caller ID, DNIS, dialer number, call index number, reference text, private data and more.

Which is Best, Turnkey or Kit?

Is EULS-3000 voice logger in turnkey system or in a kit?  What is the best option of choice?  For simplicity, choose the turnkey system that comes completely pre-configured for your specific needs which includes the PC, DSP recording cards as well as all necessary software, cables and accessories.  For cost saving, choose the recording kit that is comprised of DSP recording cards and all necessary software.

Use and Benefit

Enterprises may be in need of call recording in a number of different situations:

  • When calls represent valuable agreements.
  • When the quality of telephone interactions must be monitored.
  • When security issues need to be considered.

EULS-3000 voice logger is an excellent choice under following considerations:

  • Analog, digita, VoIP and radio, especially in one box
  • Archive media and compression techniques
  • Connectivity and compatibility
  • LAN/WAN/Internet operation
  • Quality, reliability and flexibility
  • Capacity and expandibility
  • Search and replay
  • Security and integration
  • Service and support
And EULS-3000 can help assure to:
  • Manage risk and meet regulatory standards
  • Reduce staff turnover and increase brand recognition
  • Yield additional revenue from finite customer base (while lowering costs)
  • Upsell/cross-sell successfully

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