What Is BestLink?

What is BestLink?

BestLink aims at the EULS software-based solution package that dynamically brings new call-related information out from multiple networked EULS call recorders and then stores these records on to a master database hosted in a dedicated PC named BestLink.

No Network Obstruction

Companies having satellite or remote branches usually have the needs to centralize call archives on to their headquarters. Long-distance network bandwidth costs real money, these companies are always concerned with the bandwidth consumption. BestLink employs a smart approach on collecting data from remote EULS call recorders, so it cuts the network bandwidth consumption down to the minimum. BestLink never obstructs enterprise's computer network.


BestLink allows nation-wide administrators to use the EULS Web Access to find and replay their wanted call recordings that may spread over many different remote EULS Call Recorders with just a few clicks from their own PC. Besides, BestLink realizes call-related information offsite backup assuring integrity and safety of enterprise-wide data with no addtional cost.

BestLink Server versus BestLink

The BestLink Server may not be installed only BestLink software package. It can be installed other software-based solution packages such as OAPI.  Same as EULS-3000, BestLink is built by a 19" rack-mounted industrial-grade single board computer.

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